Staff Bios: Click on a name below for details

John Landis, Chairman
Theresa Benavidez, President
Jeff Dent, Chief Technology Officer
Hal Barnabas, Chief Financial Officer
Rob Landis, Director of Client Relations
Bruce Cormode, Director of Administrative Services
Tim Maron, Director of Business Development Services
Cindy LaFave, Director of Conversion and Education Services

Administrative Services
Sissie Davis, Human Resources
Chris Baeza, Human Resources Coordinator
Peter Stewart, Executive Administrative Assistant
Kyle Young, Administrative Assistant

Margie Lane, Accounting Supervisor
Jose Alvares, Accounting Assistant
Josie Ferrer, Accounting Specialist
Julie Benavidez, Administrative Assistant

Business Development Services
Gregg Bachelder, Business Development Executive
Bill Hopkins, Business Development Executive
Chris Cipollone, Business Development Executive
Laurie Vaughn, Business Development Executive
Brent Edwards, Sales Support Executive
Ashley Fugelsang, Sales Support Representative
Chris Franklin, Sales Engineer

Client Relations
Client Services Specialists
Joelle Morgan-Sattler, Lead Client Services Specialist
Leila Kwok, Client Services Specialist
Caroline Rochin, Client Services Specialist
Dana Hasted, Client Services Specialist
Arlina Simo, Client Services Specialist
Steven Phan, Client Services Specialist
Sandrella Mako, Client Services Specialist

Client Relationship Managers
Justin Mecklenborg, Client Relationship Manager
Kurt Snyder, Client Relationship Manager
Brad Bechtel, Client Relationship Manager

Client Service Coordination
Bruce Burkhardt, Client Service Coordinator

Conversion and Education Services
Education Services
Rosie Bennett, Manager of Education Services
Pat Waters, Education Specialist
Katie Keyes, Education Specialist
Samantha McEuen, Education Specialist
Maxwell Parmentier, Education Specialist
David Fernandez, Education Specialist
Amy Hook, Education Specialist
Dustin Momeni, Education Specialist
Katherine Sortors, Education Specialist
Natalie Muscat, Education Specialist
Jake Wright, Education Specialist

Project Management Services
Ron Yeshulas, Manager of Project Management Services
Misty Bradley, Project Manager
Rena Rowe, Project Manager
Jim Williams, Project Manager
Anahi George, Project Manager
Christina Smith, Project Manager
Jenna Branham, Professional Services Consultant

Product Management Services
Joe O'Donnell, Manager of Product Management Services
David Stewart, Product Manager
Stephanie Dozmati, Product Manager
Anthony Sosa, Product Manager
Mary Barlow, Product Manager
Abel Alcoset, Product Manager
Lori Paige, Product Manager
John Martinez, Product Manager
Kelsey Buyer, Product Manager
Taylor Rutledge, Product Manager
Alicia Dam-Mikkelsen, Product Manager
Jeff Parsons, Product Manager
Daniel Gilstrap, Product Manager
Karla Rennie, Product Manager
Andrea Parker, Product Manager
Owen Daluz, Product Manager
Susan Lloyd, Product Manager
Tanya Kaminar, Product Manager
Tony Lopez, Product Manager
Teresa Ugarte, Product Manager
Natalie Garr, Product Manager

Development Services
User Interface Development Services
Fernando Alonso, Lead Developer

Support Development and Vendor Integration Services
Carl Barlow, Manager of Support Development and Vendor Integration
James Towner, Developer II
Salvatore Tosti, Developer II
Edgar Arreguin, Developer I
Steven Lim, Developer I
Michael Phan, Developer I
Jeffery Lee, Developer I
Percy Dai, Development Intern
Ernie Gutierrez, Development Intern
Kellen Gillooley, Development Intern

EFT Development Services
David Klimek, Lead Developer
Jessica Birrell, Developer II
Melissa Branagan, Developer II
William Fallon, Developer I

Conversion Programming Services
Mark Brocklehurst, Manager of Conversion Programming Services
Rob Nazimowitz, Developer II
Owen Ahmu, Developer II
Richard Valles, Developer II

Hardware and Network Support
Mark McLean, Hardware and Network Support
Jimmy Diaz, Network Administrator
Miguel Kimbrough, Network Administrator

Development Management and Documentation
Daryl Hokama, Software Development Coordinator
Paul Phruksukarn, Business Project Analyst
Laura Bowers, Technical Writer and Editor
Andrew Vargas, Business Analyst
David Ortiz, Business Analyst
Lauren Towner, Business Analyst
Priscilla Gloria, Business Analyst

To deliver reliable, functional, and intuitive credit union information systems while providing exceptional
client service.

By listening to and collaborating with our clients and business associates, we will provide the best software solutions in the credit union marketplace.
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