Cindy LaFave, Director of Conversion and Education Services

Cindy LaFave began her credit union career almost 18 years ago. Working for a large credit union, in a senior management role, enabled her to learn numerous aspects of the business. In addition to managing key departments such as Member Services and the call center, Cindy spent much of her time helping to launch and manage many different products and services.

From online and mobile banking to debit cards and web chat, her experience spans multiple areas of the credit union business. In addition, working as a branch manager for part of her career gave Cindy the ability to have both the front office and back office perspectives. This in turn allowed her to more effectively gauge the needs of the organization as it relates to products, services and processes. In each of these areas, Cindy’s focus remained on security and compliance thus ensuring sound business practices. Another key role of Cindy’s was to manage the many third party vendor relationships allowing for in-depth insight and knowledge into the various systems utilized.

Cindy is passionate about providing excellent service. She believes giving the right information in a consistent and expedient manner is of the utmost importance. Therefore, working in the installations area of Corelation will allow her to have the most impact. Having worked for so many years on the client side, she will identify with their needs, provide them with solutions and assist them in every way possible for a success transition to the KeyStone system.

“The Corelation team is group of individuals who are smart and effective, they are outgoing and provide a refreshing new way of doing business. I am excited for such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this organization. I’m looking forward to being part of helping our clients achieve their goals through these intuitive, intelligent and flexible products. Credit unions need and deserve a partner who will work diligently in their best interest and that is exactly what Corelation is doing, I’m very glad to be here!”

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