Jenna Branham, Professional Services Consultant

Jenna joined Corelation, Inc. in December of 2013. Before becoming a "Corelative," she was studying to become a teacher. While her family expected her to follow in her father's footsteps and become a lawyer (based on her expert bedtime negotiating skills), they were not surprised when she expressed an interest in education. "I would place all my dolls and beanie babies in assigned seating and write math equations on the mirror with markers. I even asked for a teacher's podium one Christmas."

In addition to her passion for education, Credit Unions have been a part of Jenna's life since she was a child. Her parents, sister, and sister-in-law have all worked for various credit unions in San Diego. According to Jenna, "Bank was a bad word in my household growing up." Jenna eventually followed suit and joined the credit union industry beginning her career as a teller. Daily interactions with members provided Jenna with the depth of knowledge and experience that allows her to truly understand client needs.

Based on her combined experience, it seems only natural that Jenna landed a position in the Education Services Department of a company that provides core systems for credit unions. "I am so grateful to be working at Corelation. I am with a company that makes it possible for me to do what I love in an industry that I have grown up in. I love coming to work because I learn something new every day, and I get to meet and work with new and amazing people from all over the country. My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable with their new system and confident that they will have a successful conversion."

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