John Landis, Chairman

John Landis has more than 30 years of credit union software development experience as the principal architect of two major credit union data processing platforms - one introduced in the late 1970's and the other in the mid 1980's. Both are still being sold today. To many, John is an industry icon.

His third system is called Corelation.

Why would he want to develop yet another system? His answer is surprisingly simple, but indicative of his genuine passion for the industry: "The technology needs of credit unions have changed dramatically, and I enjoy developing software."

"Credit unions today are under tremendous pressure to perform and compete, and they want the right tools," John states. "Today's technology is exciting. I wanted to craft a brand new product for our industry using that technology. It was an irresistible challenge."

John observes that technology in credit unions has become more complex, and that credit unions require a system with an open architecture built around central processes that are reliable, secure, and efficient. John's development philosophy: "Software must be intuitive, consistent, fast, and error free."

John Landis's commitment to creating this new system is great news for credit unions. Corelation offers open architecture, stable core processes, and simple steps to benefit the end user.

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