Mark Brocklehurst, Senior Lead Developer
Mark Brocklehurst represents a bastion of conversion understanding and ability for Corelation. His two decades of experience in the industry have been devoted to every aspect of conversion programming and management. He has worked on the front lines - leading a team of twelve programmers, as well as handling the training of dozens of IT staff on-site - and learned to manage the complex process from a high level - creating specifications and guidelines for conversion programmer teams and coordinating flexible conversion plans. His insight and dedication will help to ensure as smooth a conversion process as possible for Corelation clients, attributes that are essential and valuable in such an intricate and fluid procedure.

In addition to his experience, Mark brings enthusiasm to Corelation. As he puts it, "I've worked with most of these people before, and it just doesn't get any better. I'm very excited to be on this team. I feel that we have a rare alignment: a crew with the experience and determination to get things right, coupled with a product built on a truly modern architecture."

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