Tim Maron, Director of Business Development Services

Tim has worked in the credit union industry since the late 1980’s. He started in Project Management helping large credit unions convert to core systems. Over time he moved over to Account Management and gained an opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients, building many long-term relationships in the process.

Throughout his career it's been critical to meet with credit unions on a frequent basis, serving as their strategic consultants and their advocates. He has also focused a great deal on broadening and deepening those relationships with credit unions. It's important to focus on what's important to the client.

"Everything we do must revolve around one key question: How can my company contribute to your success? It's not about selling the next product or service. It's about helping each and every client achieve their particular business objectives, so they can thrive and succeed. We see ourselves serving as consultants to our clients, helping them identify the technologies that can help them reach their goals."

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