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Corelation Helps Oregon Pioneer FCU Complete its 'Quadruple' Conversion

SAN DIEGO - February 21, 2012 - Oregon Pioneer Federal Credit Union's ($24 million; 2,849 members; Portland, OR) actual conversion to core processing vendor Corelation Inc.'s Keystone system took less than an hour - except for the weeks of planning, gathering information, training, managing different components (dividends, payroll, ACH, etc.), cleaning up the database, verifying the credit union's converted data post conversion, among other tasks. By noon the next day (December 1, 2011), Oregon Pioneer was live on Corelation's KeyStone.

"After experiencing four data processing conversions in my 30+ year career, I'd have to say this was the easiest and least time consuming," says Oregon Pioneer President, Mark Davis. "Not that there wasn't a lot of work, but Corelation made it simple and verification had few exceptions to handle. All in all, we are very happy with the KeyStone system and its capabilities."

Oregon Pioneer's conversion was a little different than most in that it was what Davis calls a "quadruple" conversion. The credit union converted not only its data processing system, but also to a new home banking and bill pay system. Plus, it converted to a new corporate credit union all at the same time. Corelation worked with a plethora of third party vendors ensuring interfaces for each worked with the new KeyStone system.

"We didn't have any issues with vendors, only compliments about the ease of working with Corelation," he says. "The Corelation team was very professional and instrumental in preparing us for this project."

Davis adds that weeks of planning and preparation made the unique quadruple conversion relatively smooth. Staff was very pleased with training and picked right up on the "how to's" and "what for's". Being a smaller credit union, staff experienced a lot of individual training. Staff in charge of key tasks worked one on one with individuals from Corelation, collaborating on the efficiency of the system and how to accomplish their individual tasks.

According to Davis, his staff has now settled into the new system and become much more efficient with member transactions. "They like seeing everything a member has on one screen without having to go back and forth between accounts," he explains. "Back office staff is already into a routine and likes how the processes work."

One item Davis and his staff have been discussing is converting to more electronic member information and less paper files. New accounts and loans are two items he wants to convert to paperless. KeyStone allows for this capability using electronic signature pads, storing signed documents within the system, and being able to retrieve them if needed. Once accomplished, the credit union will electronically store old documents and save on storage cost.

"Every week staff has ideas on streamlining tasks and how the system can accomplish them," Davis says. "We plan on utilizing everything we can from the system to make our processes more efficient to better serve our members."

"We are very pleased to have Oregon Pioneer up and running and operating efficiently on KeyStone," says Corelation President, Theresa Benavidez. "It was indeed a unique quadruple conversion, but our staff in conjunction with the third parties and the credit union all worked together tirelessly to complete the task. It's a great accomplishment to work with so many talented people to help a credit union enhance its operations that ultimately allows it to better serve its members."

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