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Corelation Officially Introduces KeyStone to East Coast Credit Unions

SAN DIEGO - January 4, 2013 - For those credit unions on the East coast that haven't been formally introduced to Corelation's KeyStone, the industry's newest core processing system, now's their chance. Corelation is inviting credit unions along the Eastern seaboard to attend a live demo of the next generation of core processing on February 22, 2013, in Baltimore, MD, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (EST).

The day's agenda consists of the live demo in the morning, a break for lunch, and an in-depth Q&A session following lunch. Space is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information or RSVP, credit unions can email: conf@corelationinc.com.

Attendees will have a firsthand opportunity to discuss with Corelation professionals, who have spent their entire careers serving the credit union industry, KeyStone's "from the ground up" design using the latest technology tools available and boasting true browser technology. Launched in 2009, Corelation already has 12 signed contracts with eight credit unions using the technology live today.

Some of the KeyStone features on display during the event include:

  • Developed from the ground up, combining new technologies with age-old experience
  • A vendor agnostic system empowering each credit union with the use of the XML API and to choose the vendors they want
  • Technologically advanced, flexible design, and architecture entirely browser-based for all functions
  • Defines a member's entire relationship with the credit union, allowing staff to create a closer bond by providing a clear picture of each member's individual needs

"This meeting promises to be a day of extremely interesting demonstrations, discussions, and exchange of ideas," Corelation President Theresa Benavidez says. "We look forward to showing KeyStone to credit unions on the East coast that may not be fully aware of our technology’s vast capabilities."

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Based in San Diego, CA, Corelation is the innovative new core processor for today's credit union. This solution is a member-centric system that empowers credit unions to offer the best member service possible, enhancing their value for member attraction and retention. In terms of industry experience, Corelation's staff has dedicated their careers to creating core systems and providing unparalleled client service. For more information, visit www.corelationinc.com.

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